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Fritz!Box 3490 and UK BT (BTOR) G.INP Support
I am on a (UK) PlusNet PPPoE (VDSL2) Connection and since I have been using the Draytek 130 Modem, firmware Version BT (MCT Approved) I have not had G.INP enabled on my line, the Draytek 130 Modem has been online for 8 weeks continuously, to no avail, I even contacted Draytek UK technical support, and they said it was probable a line fault.

Well I decided to dig out my trustworthy Fritz!Box 3490 running firmware 06.88 version and after 4 days, G.INP has been re-enabled on my line.

I am attached to an Broadcom Exchange/Dslam, so shall not be plugging in my Draytek modem any time soon   Huh

UK Sentinel


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