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BT Smart Hub 6A DMZ issue
Trying to DMZ my Xbox one X on my BT smart hub 6 but it does not seem to let me set it, it says it saves but my nat is still strict?  I have tried everything turning off and on my Xbox etc.

Hi @Bully, I have read various forums that say as of late last year (after firmware update) the DMZ function of the BT Smart Hub is faulty/broken and DMZ does not work anymore, Is there any way to check if firmware is upto date?

From a security perspective (DMZ) is not a good idea and you should look at options around port forwarding or enableing the UPnP service. If UPnP does not work correctly, then Port forwarding is what you need to do, let me know what games it is you play and I can advise what ports are needed to be forwarded etc.

Hope this helps?

UK Sentinel

Of course it helps, you always do lol.

I have port forwarded all ports needed and now I have open NAT. Can I forward these ports on more than one Xbox, we can have 4 running all at once at weekends.

I did wonder if it was broken.

;-) ALAS no, port forwarding only works for a single Xbox, if at least two Xboxs are used at the same time, then the only way to achieve OPEN NAT is via UPnP.

Is your Netgear D7800 unplugged because of BT Issues?

UK Sentinel

Yeah I am keeping it unplugged till the line is sorted (if it ever will)

Do you have an old BT Modem handy, if so use that and set the D7800 as router only?

UK Sentinel

I have but think I will just wait till we can get bt to sort the line out then plug the D7800 back in

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