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Cannot log into Talon AD7200 through Web Browser
I have factory reset my Talon AD7200 and am having problems login into router to reconfigure it, the routerit refuses to accept the default password (U=admin P=admin).

I downloaded the TP-Link Tether Android app on which I can log in no problem.

I changed the password and was able to login again on the app.

But when I click the login button on the web page, it briefly turns grey then green again, with no error message, and refuses to log me in over Wifi.


I tried it on Edge and IE as well, same result?

This does sound most odd and I am a bit stuck as to what to do next

have you tried to access the tp-link talon by an Ethernet connection, as issue maybe with wifi, then if you can gain access, I would strongly advise to do a factory reset and start again with a new build.

UK Sentinel

UK sentinel i managed to log in with my laptop and a network cable and then followed your advice and did the factory reset, now all working and I can log in with wifi.

I guess it was some form of corruption or bad configuration, but glad all working now


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