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Netgear Genie - Unable to Log In.
I just upgraded my Netgear Genie app on my Windows 10 Laptop and I am now not able to log onto Netgear Genie (Version 2.4.38) to enable the OPENDNS Parental controls.

I have reset my OPENDNS password via, but still no joy, also have app on my IPhone and alas this does not work either.

Anybody have any ideas as I hate resetting router to factory defaults and starting again?

Also, anybody know where the older Netgenie apps are stored upon on an FTP /download server somewhere etc?

UK Sentinel

I figured it out and it was really easy, when I launch NETGenie, I used to enter my email address where the USERNAME box tab now is located, now it seems to ask for your Username and by default, I was still entering my email address.

Shame I rebuilt my Netgear R7800 router, but this will teach me to be more observant in the future.

UK Sentinel

Ok, forget about what I said above as after a day of the NETGear Genie working, in then stopped working and it would no longer accept my OPENDNS username or password, so after a lot of messing around, I have determined that when my Firmware version was, R7800 Firmware Version and then I updated by the Netgear R7800 routers automated system, to version to this then for some reason stops the Negenie app communicating with the OPENDNS Server and Netgear R7800 router, even after a reboot, I then factory reset router and built from scratch using the latest firmware and all is working well so far.

So looks like in my case, using the automated update system, is the root cause of the issue for Netgear OPENDNS Parental Control/filter

Just hope each time I upgrade, I do not have to rebuild router from scratch, life is short enough already  Cool

UK Sentinel

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